The Automatic Restaurant Business

Enabling Our Partners to Operate High Tech Vending Machines Serving a WIDE Range of Hot Food Products

High Tech Customization

Product Offering, Payment Solutions, Customer Loyalty and Rewards Programs, Interactive Screens, Facial Recognition Camera, and Many More

Wide Range Of Products

Various Recipes Foods Supply with highest standards of Food Safety and High-End Quality

Online Dashboard

To Monitor Machines' Status, Sales, Cash in Hand and Inventory in Real Time. Also To Provide Business Intelligence and Insights to Understand Trends and to Manage Forecasting

You Get the Full Business Package

We provide you with Food Vending Machines with your Customized Features, Machines' Monitoring Software, Training, and High-Quality Food Products

The First Box: The "Manoushe" Vending Machine

Why our Complete "Franchise in a Box" Business is Ideal for You

Quick Return on Investment

No Food Experience Required

Machines Selling 24/7

Plug & Play Machines

Plug & Pay Spare Parts

Machine Refill under 2 Minutes

Our Franchise Package Includes

Market Tailored Features

Online Updates and Technical Support

Dashboard for Real-Time Monitoring

Access to New and Evolving Recipes

Access to Machines Development

Additional Customized Options

Our Partners

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